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My interest in fly fishing began at the age of 10. My first fly rod was a nine-foot bark stripped willow branch with eyelets, pilfered from a Zebco rod, precisely calibrated and taped onto the blank. I spent many hours, every day, out in the backyard learning and mastering the art of fly casting with my rudimentary piece of equipment. A few years later, at the age of 13, my interest in fly tying started to develop. I started with primitive chenille and hackle wooly buggers and duck quill coachman flies resembling deformed wasps. I have certainly come a long way since those simple days of barnyard flies and the unrefined stick that I proudly called a fly rod.

I cut my trout teeth in the late 70’s at Bennett Springs and Montauk State Parks in Missouri. In my late teens, after reading an article in an outdoor magazine about the tremendous fishery of Lake Taneycomo, I was driven to experience the legendary tailwater fishing opportunities.

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After 15 years of commuting to what had become my favorite trout fishing location, a change in job status afforded me the opportunity to finally live near Lake Taneycomo. I spent every possible moment, day and night, on the water, watching, learning, and enjoying. I started posting my fishing adventures on local and national forums. Before long, I had people contacting me from all over the country wanting me to join them for some trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo. It did not take much arm-twisting to get me on the water. In 2006, I logged over 2500 hours on the water, day and night, including one stretch of 39 hours straight, all while still maintaining a full time job. I started moonlighting for a local fly shop, picking up guide trips in the evenings and on weekends. At this point in time, I concluded that a mainstream job might be getting in the way of what I really enjoyed doing- fishing.

In 2007, I found myself in Alaska on a fishing adventure of a lifetime. By the end of the week, I had secured a position as a guide at Naknek River Camp, in Katmia National Park, Western Alaska. That is where I now spend my summers, helping clients live their dreams chasing all five Pacific Salmon, Arctic Char, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling, and Giant Rainbows, along with some of the world’s most intense bear viewing, thrown in on the side.

Each year, I return to the Branson area around the 1st of October, just in time for the awesome Lake Taneycomo Fall Brown trout run. Following the Browns, Rainbows make a small run, and then, with a little luck, the shad kill can make for some really intense fishing conditions. Just as Spring comes around and the water starts running non stop on Lake Taneycomo, I head back to Alaska for the summer season of fishing in the Land of the Midnight Sun.
Mona Doty
On December 31st of 2008, I married the beautiful woman of my dreams. We spent the night of our wedding, ringing in the New Year under the fireworks from the Chateau on the Lake, while wade fishing Lake Taneycomo, just below Table Rock Dam. My wife, Mona Chari, is just as passionate about fishing as I am. She, too, is about to make the change in her life from a mainstream job to being involved in fishing for a living. She is headed to Alaska with me this year. She has hopes of returning to Branson and becoming a guide herself.

As a guide, my intent is more than just taking a person fishing for a day. I would rather educate clients about the water being fished, the species pursued, and, then, by sharpening their learning curve, making it possible for them to return, without a guide, for a productive fishing trip. I enjoy and take great pride in sharing the information, knowledge and experiences I have learned from my countless hours on the water to help others create great memories of fantastic fishing adventures.

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